Not receiving UCLACC mail?

FIRST: If you subscribe from the link on the UCLACC page you will be sent an email from MailChimp to WHICH YOU MUST RESPOND by clicking on the link in the message. This is to CONFIRM your subscription request and is safe to click.

If you believe you are subscribed to the mailing list but are not receiving the email (or  did not receive the confirmation link from MailChimp), it is likely that it has been blocked by your or your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) SPAM or Junk filters. Please check your SPAM or Junk folders on your computer.

If you are using an email client (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.) you will also need to check your mail using a web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Many ISPs are now filtering mail BEFORE it is downloaded to the mailbox on your computer, so you may find SPAM or Junk if you view your mail with a web browser. Almost all ISPs offer a web interface; try searching for “webmail ATT” for example, where ATT is your ISP’s name. Once you locate the filtered mail, you will need to mark it as NOT SPAM or Junk, and you may also need to change the filter settings on the website.

It is general good practice to check your SPAM or Junk folders occasionally. You might find missing mail from people you know, as the filters sometimes mark mail for a variety of reasons you cannot control.

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